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I didn’t really want you, I wasn’t really sure and
I’ll admit I had my doubts, when you came through that door
Not small or cute or fluffy with big soft puppy eyes,
But tall and thin and bony with bald pink bulging thighs.

You weren’t the kind I had in mind, not in any way,
Perhaps it would be better if I took you back today,
Before we know each other, it really won’t be kind
To keep you here for 1 more day & then to change my mind.

But against my better judgment I decided you could stay,
and quickly I discovered you were kind in every way.
Your gentleness and patience really stole the show.
Why these dogs are wonderful, I must let others know!"

You’re my gentle giant, who just needed the chance,
To show us all what you could be, to wipe away that history,
dispel our preconceptions, that put us all to shame,
And so we come to know & love what lies beneath that frame.

And now I’ve come to understand,
What I missed at the start,
That Greyhounds need that great deep chest,
To house their great big hearts.

(Originally printed in newsletter of "Greyhounds in Need", UK)


Every retired racing greyhound wants A TICKET HOME. But each ticket costs $75. The current cost of a long distance haul (from Daytona Beach to any of the nonracing states with adoption groups waiting) has risen to $2400. A full “haul” ships 32 dogs. $75 per greyhound. By long standing tradition, GPA Daytona pays 100% of the cost. As a greyhound adoption group, they own the equipment, pay fuel charges, upkeep and maintenance, registration, insurance, etc. They hire drivers as independent contractors.

This is on top of their regular expenses like dog food, vet bills, etc. to house the dogs until they each get their ticket home. The racetrack generously provides GPA Daytona a kennel to house 110 dogs waiting for adoption. (There is always a waiting list of 150 more retired greyhounds wanting into this adoption kennel.) The Daytona racetrack is also setting an industry standard by paying for the majority of the broken legs, and pays the kennel staff that work in the adoption kennel. So it is a good working relationship. GPA Daytona however pays the specialized vet expenses, as well as the total cost of
each greyhound’s ticket home.

The adoption groups that receive the dogs are only charged enough to reimburse for the dogs’ basic pre-adoption vetting, but never for any additional surgery from injuries. Adoption groups are never charged additional fees to ship the dogs. This full $75 Ticket Home has traditionally always been paid by GPA Daytona. This financial burden now puts the long distance hauls at risk. Yet if the dogs can be shipped to states that do not have race tracks, there are many potential adopters waiting for a new greyhound. Prison Greyhounds, one of the adoption groups that they ship to, is kicking off a promotion (on behalf of GPA Daytona) that we call “A TICKET HOME”. Here is how your tax deductible donation would work:

- A TICKET HOME - $75 donation guarantees 1 ticket home for another greyhound
- SEND A LITTER - $375 donation send home 5 greyhounds
- FILL THE WHOLE TRAILER!!! - $2400 donation sends a trailer of 32 greyhounds to an adoption group!

The ticket’s destination will be at the sole discretion of GPA Daytona, according to the need. (They decide, not the donor.) Just this week, one haul had to be turned back and postponed because 2 of the 3 air conditioners on the specialized dog trailer died, which would have put the dogs at severe risk. The units have been totally replaced, just another expense in the long list of maintenance requirements.

Every retired racer deserves a home. More importantly, there IS a home out there for every retired racer, if someone can finance their ticket home. We challenge you to purchase as many tickets as you are able.

Make checks payable to:
Greyhound Pets Daytona Beach
960 S. Williamson Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL. 32114

Let them know it is “A TICKET HOME” or donate through their website and designate A TICKET HOME.  Every $75 sends another former racing greyhound home, somewhere, to the home he truly deserves. Share this with your friends who care.

Our Dogs

Senior greyhounds are friendly, intelligent, affectionate dogs that thrive on attention. When their racing careers are over, they make marvelous companions.

Adopt a greyhound and change your life, and theirs.

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We can use your donation to help offset our costs of taking care of the dogs.


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ADOPTED! Sampson: Racing name: Sgt Jim Chee
Ear Tag #:Right, 32D  Left, 11300
Color: Brindle

He is good with other dogs…not sure about cats (he does chase rabbits and gets very excited when he's sees a cat out the window)

He uses a doggy door to potty. Had a plate in right left leg but that was removed several years ago. He likes to run a few laps in the yard every day then is quite content to do absolutely nothing:). He loves to have his ears rubbed.





(moved to special needs page)
UPDATE: Lady has been moved to special needs....


Gabby (WR Givens) joined us yesterday from Champions Farm.  She is 10yo, ran 128 races, and had 27 puppies. She is a happy little girl and the tail is wagging whenever she has a human in sight.  Gabby has a slight limp due to a broken right rear hock (which is the injury that likely ended her racing career) but is able to use the leg.  More info will be posted as we learn more about her.


Brood mom, Nikita

Very well behaved, rode in car well, enjoyed meeting the other greys...

Registered Name: Lady Nikita
Call Name: Nikita
GPA SS tag # 0531
Birth: 1 May 2005
Color: Black
Tattoos: L.E.32243 - R.E.55A
About 67 lbs

Sweet Snoopy
will celebrate her 11th birthday on July 3.  She is a quiet, independent lady who loves having her ears scratched.  Her family is being transferred overseas and Snoopy is unable to go with them. She has been with her family for 8 years. She lived with cats and children. She misses her 2 brothers Boss and Dexter, so a home with another pet would be awesome for this soft and fluffy lady.

DONALD, aka "Donnie Boy"
Racing Name: Hallo West Acre, DOB: 11/7/01, Male, 12, Weight: 66 lbs.

Donald participated in the Hollywood World Classic three times and won in 2005, beating everyone who was anyone in the world of greyhound racing. 
This great racer and sire of 343 pups is now deserving and ready for a soft bed and lots of love.  He knows he's a handsome, loving guy and he wants to spend his golden years in a happy home. He has a clean bill of health, greyt bloodwork and can easily provide so much joy that you will think he has been with you his entire life.


Dexter and Boss love all people. They have lived together for 7 years with a loving family and children.  An overseas job transfer has put them in the position of needing a new home. Dex is a handsome boy with a maturing grey face. He needs to be placed with Boss as they have been together for their entire civilian lives. Boss loves to eat, sleep and play. They are ten years old,  great on walks and also enjoy exploring the backyard. Such a handsome pair of gentlemen!



They Sailed the Ocean

Greyhounds came to the New World in 1493 on Columbus' second expedition.

A Quiet Place

Baby or dog gates are an inexpensive and very useful way to keep your newly adopted Greyhound confined to a "dog proofed" safe area or room of your home during the house breaking period or while you are temporarily away from the home.

We can use your donation to help offset our costs of taking care of the dogs.


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