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Foster Application

GPA Senior Sanctuary has a URGENT NEED for foster homes. Won't you consider giving fostering a try?

Fostering means taking a retired racer into your home for a period of time until a permanent home can be found. When we receive Greyhounds, we give them any medical care they need, their required vaccinations, a teeth cleaning and a bath. The next step is going into foster care, and that's where we need a great deal of help. Our entire program is based upon the foster home system, and our need is always high.

When Greyhounds are fostered, they begin their transition from a retired racer to the family pet. Foster families provide the greys valuable experience with the following how-to's:

- To climb stairs
- To walk on tile or hardwood
- To walk appropriately on lead
- That mirrors and windows are solid
- Not to chase small animals
- That noises... such as TV and radio are Okay!
- Housetraining

The main limitation on the number of Greyhounds we can place is directly based on the number of foster homes we have. Fostering is a rewarding experience, and can provide the most critical help that GPA/SS and the hounds need. If you already have a retired racer from GPA/SS, then your beloved hound went through the same foster program. Currently, our need is CRITICAL.  Please be aware that we do not just put the grey in your home and leave all responsibility on you.  However, we ask that you take the time to read the following information, as we strive to make the foster experience one that you and the hound will find both rewarding and pleasurable.

Fostering with GPA-Senior Sanctuary includes the following:

- Crate (if needed)
- Muzzle
- Martingale collar and lead
- Harness if needed
- Food if needed (if fosters can provide it helps immensely)
- All medical care & vet care for the greyhound while in your home (must use our vets)
- All medications; frontline, advantage and heartworm meds

Your responsibility as a foster home:

- You must bring the greyhound to one of the meet
- To get the medication at least once a month
- When needed, the greyhound will need to be at the closest meet greet to meet an applicant
- Follow the GPA foster home agreement which will be given at the time of placement

If you are interested in Fostering a GPA Greyhound, please call us at 352-728-2839 or contact us by e-mail . We would really appreciate it, as do the hounds awaiting their forever homes.

Greyhound Pets of America Senior Sanctuary (GPASS) wants both the greyhound and the greyhound owner to be happy. The ownership of a greyhound, like any pet, is a serious responsibility and requires commitment for the lifetime of the pet. It is our goal to make the best possible match between the greyhound and the prospective adopter and to be sure that this responsibility, as well as the financial and physical needs of each greyhound, is met in its new home. The answers you provide on this application will assist us to find the greyhound that is most suitable for your home and family.  

Note: Applications are GENERALLY processed within 48 hours. Please refrain from filling out an application until you are ready to bring your greyhound into your home.


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