ADOPTED AND LOVED BY Dee and John McKimmey

Adopted loved by Dave & Sandi Murphy



Winter Walk

Miss Lady Dodge, aka, Lady

Georgia introduced me to the wonderfulness of greyhounds. 
I loved her.    Linda


Kayla Koo-Mom loves you



Photo courtesy of Julie Lind of Julie Lind PhotographyA Rescued Dog's Last Will and Testament

Before human beings die
They write their last will and testament
To leave their home and all they have to those they love.
I'd do such, if I could write:
To a poor, desperate, lonely stray
I'd give my happy home,
My bowl and cozy bed,
My soft pillow and my toys,
The so-loved lap, the tenderly stoking hand, the lovely voice
The place I have in your heart.
The love that, in the end, may help me find peace
Held firmly in a sheltering embrace.
When I die, please don't say
"I will never have a pet again, the loss is far too much to stand."
Choose a lonely, unloved dog and give him MY place.
This is my inheritance,
The love I leave behind is all I am able to give.

Author unknown...

Photo courtesy of Julie Lind of Julie Lind Photography

Pet Loss Grief Support Website


Jupiter, Loved and terribly missed by Dave, Sandi and KC Murphy




Flo - She and I were so close and I miss her greytly...John.
Lil - My first foster and she was so good it started me on Greyhound adoption. She got a most wonderful forever home with Barbara in St. Pete. I miss her greytly...John



Dazzle Dolly at 14 years old


Loved and missed by Claudia & Keith Borelli

Rambo aka Raven remembered by
Diana & Roger Weiss

Loved and deeply misssed by Paul & Bernie Hitchens: Tory (L) who went to the Rainbow Bridge on 4-5-09 and Ash (R) who joined him on 9-11-09

Grant Moyer
7/97 - 5/11

Ellie, 13 years old, loved and greatly missed by Pat & Dave Kolar

Chiquita, loved and greytly missed by Mindi Hunsaker

Gotta Hav Heart will be greytly missed by her Mom & Dad, Randy & Deanna Dault.

Magic, aka Maggie was adopted and loved by Jean James. She went onto The Rainbow Bridge last week. 5/1/ 97 - 9/9/10


Indigo - He will be greatly missed by his foster Mom, Ruth

JR's Legendary, aka, Cole. will be terrilbly missed by his Mom & Dad, Marty & Keith Crites & sister Divine.

Rachel was 14 years 8 months old.  She will be sorely missed.  She was a good girl - Randy, Judy and Ralphie

Trudy - She was a sweet girl who loved to lay her head in your lap. The house is too quiet now without her little yipping. We miss her very much. 
Bob, Linda, Haley, Kane and Gizmo

Hs Whatarush aka Gertie.

She was a feisty, funny and non-complaining little girl who spent her last couple of years in our groups care with lots of love and attention.  Run free, little one, you are now whole and at peace.
Sadly, Marty, Keith, Divine and Shep

Sami (RN's Sampler)
mourned by her Mom and Dad, Betty and Bob Johnson and her sisters, Ossie and Jessie

Misty - First greyhound love of Debby

My sweet little Brandy- A greydeer and hostess to many fosters and brothers and sisters over 10 1/2 years has gone to a joyous reunion with her sister, She left a huge hole in our hearts on 1/24.


Ruffles remembered by Pat & Lyle


Domino, aka, Under the Table, who was loved and will be greytly missed by Lisa and Steve Moriarty and family



M's Tessie Dee



Casey and Babycakes, both loved by
Jimmy & Annie

Brenda - Loved and missed by Jo Ann


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